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So, here's a bunch of links. I'm not sure how much I'll put on here - I mean, the net's so quick anymore that it's hard to have an undiscovered something or other. But for right now I know I can pimp the sites of my friends.
  • Mechalink's site - an untitled masterpiece of simplicity and a symbol of the unchanging aspect of the world as a pillar of strength in a river of flux, or perhaps just another site not updated since forever? WHO CAN TELL? Mecha was my roommate at Rose for three and a half years, and he's got the bruises to prove it.
  • Jay's Domain - Jay is also sometimes called Moogle. Both Mecha and Jay are old Rose-Hulman buddies of mine (I say old like it was thirty years ago) and Moogle's site is chock full of SimCity stuff, and Civilization II stuff, and some game called A-Train or something. I dunno what it is, but he's got a lot of it and I bet it's good.
  • The GURPS sheet of James Renken - Don't let the hideous page delude you. James, aka Calculus, owns, wherein this site is hosted, and also is an awesome geek in his own right. Calc aided in the coding of this site in PHP, and has been an absolutely indepensable resource while I've been coding my book index.
  • Ardweden's Happy Page - Ardweden is an Improer who's done a lot more writing than me and a very good friend. Also a fellow roleplayer in #BESM. Her page hosts some of the other RPG stuff that goes on at Ard also lives nearish to where I do, so she's the Improer I see most often. In fact, we've made a habit of going to the Taste of Chicago together for the past several years (only missing one).
  • Chaotic Blue - the site of Todd, another person I met through Improfanfic and also a really great friend. Todd helped a great deal with the development of this site, and his own site makes this one look plain. He lived for a while in Terre Haute with the rest of us Hautians (don't bother, it's not supposed to make sense). So for that period of time, he was the Improer I saw most often. Excepting Mecha who's not really a person at all so I don't have to count him.
  • Sugar High - From Kristen Smirnov comes a fantastic site of her artwork and some drawing tutorials. Kristen also helped out with the design for this site, most notably for an excruciatingly difficult problem I had with the Oddness section. At any rate, you have to visit the site. I mean, it's You can't really have lived without visiting (Don't ask why. Just go. It's compulsory fun!)
  • Dan Dan Revolution - a horrible pun and a barely implemented site by my good friend Coldfury, who is a person from, as almost all of these people are. They're good peoples. Fury is good people, too. If you're looking for something a little more robust than the standard ChamCam, Fury hosts the Impro CamPortal, with a bunch of different campeople, including Calculus, even if he's never on.
  • - the page of the man who brought you the Inexplicable Object of the Week, here's the rest of his site, generally updated daily with a blog entry about things generally amusing or political or actually there's really no way to quite sum it up well. So. Sadly I've never met Bill in person, but damned if I don't someday.
  • Second To Nun - also run by an Improfanfic denizen. It's mostly Chrno Crusade stuff, a rather interesting and sort-of obscure not-translated-yet manga that I have only read bits of. Also, it has a godawful title.
Other links:
  • Improfanfic - the much talked about fanfiction/writing site that I blather on about for a while over in my writing section.
  • Surfing the Apocalypse - a fantastic alternative news source site, if you can ignore the site design.
  • Homestar Runner - You can't have not seen this already. Check out the Strong Bad emails.
And that's it for that.

"Holy froward hedge-born flax-wench! Where is our head?"
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