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My name, for all intents and purposes, is Chamelaeon Wombatowski. I am a recent graduate of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, with a degree in Computer Engineering. I am twenty- two years of age.

This is my personal webpage, begun under the same name way back when it was hosted by the WBS network, now sadly defunct. Then it was on GeoCities for a while, and then on the Rose network, and finally hosted by the good people (person) at It's been with me many years, but it's only ever really been through three distinct style changes, once I actually started to code for it instead of using autogenerator scripts. Remember those, way back in the day? "Enter five of your favorite links!" "Enter five of your hobbies!" Oy.
So needless to say I've come a long way since then.

I used to have a long, rambling biography about me up on those old versions, but as I come of an age where identity theft becomes something that might actually happen to me, I become even more paranoid. But since there's really no point to this section without a little something, here's the little something.

  • My hometown is somewhere in Northwest Indiana, buried amidst a dozen other yuppie offshoots of Chicago.
  • I have a need to chew on things, leading to a fascination with toothpicks. Some people might call it an oral fixation but frankly I think Freud's approach to the psychoanalytical field was lacking in everything except perhaps a good idea that he took too far. And at any rate, that's not what oral fixation even means. I think it's just stress.
  • Did you know Freud was sleeping with his wife's sister? I mean, the man couldn't even solve his own sexual hangups, how's he supposed to be helping other people? I think he was projecting.
  • Catch the subtle irony?
  • I read copious amounts of everything but romance novels and westerns. Oh, come on, when was the last time you read a Louis L'amour novel?
  • If at any point you see me refer to myself or am referred to by someone else as a wombat, don't let it confuse you. The name is Chamelaeon, but my avatar is usually a wombat. See? Easy.
  • Obligatory random list of interests:
    • cheese
    • literature
    • philosophy
    • embedded systems
    • worldmaking (a mental exercise comprised of completing a fictional universe or world in a rational, complex manner)
    • occasionally acting
  • I have been to Peru and the UK, and in my humble opinion there is no place prettier on this green Earth than Scotland in the summer.
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Indeed do many things come to pass. If you really feel like you need to know more, my email address is liberally splattered around the site, and you can contact me there to your heart's content, provided you can make it through the artillery weapons the sysadmin has set up against spam.

I'll see you around sometime.

"Yay I am the speed of suck defined in realtime."
Last updated 11/20/03. End of Line.
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