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I am a writer at heart. I formulate thoughts verbally, often in a running monologue like I was writing my own memoirs in my head. Perhaps it's a good thing I have a bad memory for lines.

I don't have much work I'm comfortable showing anymore. My really prolific writing period was long enough ago that I look on the results with disdain. As well I should - I've become a much better writer since then. At any rate, what little I deem fit will be put up, and anything after that, surely. For now, I'll settle with some parts I've written for Improfanfic, a fiction community that's only partially fanfic anymore, which utilizes round-robin part writing through a signup queue and due dates. It's fairly dead now, has been for a while, but that's where I really learned to write. Well, that and through the countless hours I've spent reading. At any rate, here are the Impro parts I've written.
  • Ultra 43, of the series Magical Troubleshooting Crossover Fighting Federation Ultra, co-written with Mechalink and Falcon815. Ultra was the flagship Improfanfic until it got taken off the site. MTCFF Ultra was a huge fanboyish crossover tournament battle parodying pro wrestling, involving everything and anything from anime or games, and it was incredibly popular as a result. Getting chosen out of the applicants to write for it was an honor, at that point, and we loved it. This was not the first thing I had written, but it is most certainly the first non-short story that I finished. Despite having three authors, the tone is fairly constant, and though the word choice could use work and the action is definitely wooden, this is something I wrote four years ago that I'm still proud of.
  • Dream Tides 4, for Dream Tides. I liked this series, I really did. It's a shame it's dead. Don't let the site fool you - it's looked like that for years now. At any rate. This piece suffered from abysmal cliched dialogue and the standard stylistic issues I have where I kind of wander all the hell over. It's definitely visible as a starting point for later works like Book of the Wyrd, though. Which can only be a good thing.
  • Starburst Crystal 36, for Starburst Crystal. This was my first solo Impro part, and it shows. My style wavers, my dialogue is bad, and I'm still suffering from convoluted grammar. Also I botched a continuity issue pretty badly. Nonetheless, I'm also proud of this one. It showed an improved style, if inconsistent, and better attention to character.
  • Deus Excel 7, for the Chibi of the Month Deus Excel. This piece comes across as forced, I think. When I wrote this, I was hitting a point where I couldn't do the wacky humor as well as I used to, and this became a real stretch to finish on time. I got it done though, and it does have its moments to it.
  • Book of the Wyrd #1, for the Improfanfic "Impro Millenium" starter sweeps. This was my submission to the sweeps, which got generally good reviews, and which I think is perhaps my best piece of fiction writing ever. Its mammoth size aside, it varies only slightly in tone, it's complex and yet clear writing, and most important of all it has a style and feel to it that it alone possesses, something uniquely mine. Which is really very exciting, from where I'm sitting. The starter didn't get accepted, which bummed me out, and I intend, eventually, to write the second and so on parts to it until it is done. Unfortunately those of you who've seen how long this site went without an update know just how long that might take.
That's it for Impro parts. I didn't do much good writing in school, but I've got one I'd like to share, and I might as well put it in a list to save myself time later for other professional writing or other school papers I find enlightening.
  • Surveillance and Self-Rule in Edward Bellamy's Looking Backward, for GL334, Utopian Thought and Literature. I got an A on this, and I particularly like it. For the moment, anyways. It's concise yet informative, and without being incomprehensible. The teacher urged me to submit it into the Rose HSS essay competition in the spring, and I have left it in her care under the assumption that she will do so. I have no idea if I'll win or not, but it's interesting that she recommended it at all.
I have, for the most part, abandoned my poetry, since in retrospect, it is all Very Bad. Perhaps it is a symptom of not reading much poetry. At any rate, that's all I have here for now. Obviously, more will come along as I write it.

"How many times do I have to hear the word "whelp" today?"
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