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Roleplaying has taken up quite a bit of my time since I was a junior in high school. In fact it has taken a successively larger chunk each year, hitting a peak in 2002 as I finally started to GM again, though this time in an online setting, and leveling off this year.

I've played lots of systems: D&D first edition, AD&D, D&D 3rd Ed, Mage (and several other White Wolf games, though I won't admit which ones), Earthdawn, Shadowrun, Palladium & Rifts (I've stopped, I swear), the Returner's FFRPG, and quite possibly my favorite RPG system of all time, BESM.

I have GMed, or gamemastered, Shadowrun, Earthdawn, Rifts, D&D 3rd, and BESM. Of course, out of those, the only games I've gamemastered successfully were Rifts, D&D 3rd, and BESM. GMing is a tricky business, and don't let anyone tell you differently.

My best series of games so far has been the ATC line of games, named after a corporation prominently featured in the campaign - "Andressen Tofu Corporation". There are two campaigns in this worldsetting, one of them finished, one of them still running. I have plans for at least two more. The pages for the sites hold logs, character art, the world descriptions, campaign music, and other miscellany, though the ATC 1 music has been taken down. The ATC games are run in BESM, albeit heavily modified BESM.
I also co-GM Yu-Mei's game Canyonhome, though the game has no site as of yet.

Since I began roleplaying, I'd like to think that my ability to design good characters has increased. My first characters were horrible twinks, characters that abuse the system for their own benefit. It's a very easy thing to do. The following characters, though, I'd like to think are well-executed personas, and the best of all my creations. For the most part.
  • Marguerite "Mad Dog" McLochlane, from the campaign GCI. An angry merc with an axe to grind... and a plasma rifle to shoot. Just don't call her Margie.
  • Magellan Aloysius Drogg, from the campaign Otherworld. Gruff-looking but kindly, Magellan can wrench steam-mecha like nobody's business. Or use the wrench to brain you one, too.
  • Wignard Mayhew, commonly known as "W", from an unnamed D&D 3rd Ed campaign. Of the Ghostwalker prestige class, W was a quiet man, who used a double- bladed sword and succeeded in being incredibly creepy, yet with style.
  • Chamelaeon, from an unnamed Rifts game. Chamelaeon was my first self-created RPG character ever (I'd played a premade 1st Ed D&D fighter before), which is the only reason he's up here. He was incredibly twinkish, even in a system built for twinks, and the GM encouraged me/him at every turn. Even now I use him as an example in my head of what not to do. Side note - this was not the first use of the "Chamelaeon" moniker.
For those who are interested in that sort of thing, I do my gaming on, in the channel #besm. Alternatively, there's a #D&D channel, too. I play in two games, though one of them is on hiatus at the moment. This is a low number, but I look to be joining another one as soon as my life settles down a little. Here's the games and who I play.
  • Gideon McArley: swordfighter, sharpshooter, and general bishounen prettyboy. - Sky Pirates!
  • Asanjya Mikigawa: demon summoner, biology student, and an avid book reader. - Mystery Club 2
And that's about it for now. There might be more to this page eventually - I might split it into a GM and a player section, if this page gets too big to hold either. We'll see what happens.

"Shut your hole! You made the AllDrug tang! You're DEAD to me!"
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