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Every site needs a pictures section, right? I mean, I've got the webcam, I might as well give you a little bit more, preferably things that are more well- composed and better pictures all around than the god-awful ones that show up there.
I'm a bit short on actual developed pictures and I'm definitely too lazy to scan the ones that look good at the moment, though that might not be true in a few weeks. But here's what I have.

This is me, circa November 2003. It's bad backlighting and you can see the whiteboard on my right way too clearly, but it's not a bad picture overall. Notice the reflection in my glasses - yes, I'm sitting in front of my computer like always.

Haired Cham
Me with long hair at the end of last year. I can't believe I ever let it grow that long. When it got cut off my body temperature dropped like twelve degrees and I nearly scalded the hairdresser with the heat venting out the top of my head. Mecha lurks in the background.

Graduation photo
Along those lines, here's me at graduation at the end of last year (I walked in Spring of 2003 even though I didn't graduate till Fall 2003), along with Mechalink to my immediate right, Moogle to my immediate left, Evil Mike on the right of Mecha, and Falcon to the left of Moogle. One happy bunch we all is. Was. Am.

And just to prove my hair is not always alive, here is a picture of it sleeping. While I'm holding an umbrella open. Indoors. You can see Mecha in the background of this one. This picture is at least one year old, perhaps two.

In A Trick Suit
And just to prove I can do it, here's me in a suit. There are better pictures of me in a suit out there and someday one of those will replace this one. But until then, this is what you've got to work with.

This has nothing to do with anything but it is a scary cat postcard I found at an antique store in my hometown a while back. It's really very frightening if you look at it in an objective manner. Or in any other manner. Gah.

"The idea that aliens made tutus is comforting because i also make tutus. ."
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